Fishing Fatales

The invitation read: ”Ladies, let’s go fishing.” It sounded like a dating service (we’ll get back to that later), but it really was about fishing, as in hooks, reels and bait with eyes.

When I heard the two-day seminar would be set with an idyllic Islamorada fishing charter, I figured the worst that could happen might be that I’d have to actually touch a fish. But from the moment I walked into the classroom, it was as clear as bottled water — these women were serious anglers. (Story continued on Miami Herald website)

Click here for the rest of Nery’s great article, and be sure to click on the link for “more pictures”!

Surf Fishing Adventure!

For those who missed our Surf Fishing Adventure Friday night, July 19, here’s the sandy story: We’re changing Mrs. Morton’s name to Cuda Anne!  She was THE fishergal of  the night with two barracuda!  Sue Fejes nearly caught a swimmer. I must have been trying to catch a convertible on A1A on my first cast!

Debby Auchter is  busy with the Spiegel Grove and lobster mini-season, but she did bring her husband’s own home brewed beer (with a very creative label) and joined us to enjoy the beautiful evening. Sue Fry had a great fish finder-rig, ask her to diagram it for you.  Tania Ledon and her guest made it up from Miami, and Connie Tuttle-Priest drove quite a distance to join us.  Connie, we’ll miss you in August, but it’s for a lilting cause…

MANY MANY THANKS to Lanny Dixon for her effort putting this fun adventure together and slicing the squid.

PS ask us about the Key Largo Adventure in September!